The Tower House Inn has stood proudly in the heart of Eureka Springs since 1875. Our house has had many lives and many looks over the past 144 years, but in 2017, we purchased this old beauty and our restoration work began. Two years of demolition, carpentry, painting, and tower-building later – and the Tower House Inn has been restored to its former glory!

The Eureka Springs Preservation Society recently recognized our work by presenting us with the award for Rescuing An Endangered Property, and we are proud to have played our part in making our corner of the earth a more beautiful place.
Take a stroll through the gallery below to see the house’s progression from abandoned eyesore to town treasure.

Meet the Innkeepers

Tom McCoy and Henry Branstetter run the Tower House Inn and are known throughout Eureka Springs for their hospitality, hardworking nature, and exquisite homemade muffins. They work tirelessly to make sure that each and every guest has a memorable stay at their inn.

Victorian photography courtesy of our friends at Judge Roy Beans Old Time Photos